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If your website has been up for a few years, is it as effective now as when it was first set-up?  Chances are, even if you have been doing regular maintenance, your web can use some refreshing.  Effective web design Toronto companies aim for can sometimes be achieved by updates.  But when there are a lot of features that need updating, a complete website redesign may be worth considering.

There are a lot of factors which can reduce both the visibility and the effectiveness of a website, some of which are:

a)      Changes in business activities, site purpose or audience: Updates are required companies expand, reduce, or diversify the list of their products and services; otherwise they run the risk of losing touch with their new clients.   New products and services may mean a change or at least a diversification of the target audience that companies cannot ignore.  When it comes time to update an existing web design Toronto has plenty of firms to choose from.

b)      Advances in technology:  It is no secret that websites have to catch the attention of casual web browsers in order to be effective.  Many web design companiy Toronto suggest that it means constantly updating to use the latest in technology to present a company’s products or services.  Sliders, linked images, galleries, animation, contact forms, online chat, and online sales platforms are a few examples of helpful new technologies.

c)       Mobile devices:  There are a lot more smart mobile devices with access to the internet than there are desktops and laptops.  Studies have also shown that more and more consumers prefer to buy online using their mobile devices.  Many Toronto website designers and programmers now offer to convert existing websites so they are compatible with the platforms used by smart devices, such as iOS and Android.  This often involves website design experts getting pages to automatically adjust so they look good both in full desktop/laptop screens as well as in smaller mobile screens.

d)      Search Engine Optimization:  The search engines which largely determine the visibility of most websites update their algorithms frequently.  Besides, many websites from a few years back did not even consider SEO when they were first created.  Most Toronto web designers advice webmasters to update content, visually and in terms of text copy, to ensure they rank well in searches; it is also effective for ensuring content the target audience continue to find relevant.

e)      Incorporating Client Comments:  Over time websites accumulate comments good and bad.  From these comments can be gleaned a wish list of what an updated site should be.  Clients may want easier navigation, more images, a video, an online chat feature or whatever – incorporate as much of their requests as possible in the updated websites and you earn their trust.

If you are not sure you can handle all the updates required to make your website stand out, then it may be time to ask for help, preferably from firms affiliated with such professional organizations as the Information Technology Association of Canada.  That is the only way your site can keep up with the times, so you can stay ahead of the competition.

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