Demand Generation Marketing: What You Need To Know About It

demand generation marketing

Demand generation marketing is crucial in claiming potential sales. It also offers excellent leads to the sales force and substitutes the conventional methods of lead generation. Aside from these, the method enhances the standard of sales leads by taking the prospects through several stages of operations and examining the individual responses of the prospects at every stage. The collected information from the demand generation operations will enable you to determine the purchasing signs and offer your sales force with helpful details of each prospect’s level of awareness as well as interests.

Stages of Demand Generation

There are three stages of campaign in demand generation and these are consideration, awareness and preference. The outcome of these three will reflect the method of decision making in complicated business purchases. In the stage of awareness, the prospects are establishing their needs, while in the stage of consideration, they are enabled to make a description and are already doing an assessment of prospective suppliers. In the stage of preference, on the other hand, they are searching for the product information and benefits before purchasing.

Data Gathering

In order to organize demand generation marketing, make sure to gather the data that were collected from the prospects and clients. The primary data needed for this campaign include the company’s size, the job title, email address and the industry sector. Divide the prospects into segments like the company or technical decision makers, large corporations or small firms and manufacturing or financial services companies. This is essential at this stage since it will enable you to transfer prospects to targeted population.

Analysis of Behavior

One huge factor in a successful demand generation campaign is the analysis of the behavior of the prospects. Send an email to prospect with the description of the available content and make an invitation to download an item. Through analysis, you will be able to evaluate their interests and level of awareness. If a prospect will ask for a detailed information about a certain product after the initial stage of reaching out, you may consider him or her as a good prospect.

The Content

At every stage of this campaign, provide prospects with information to help them create an informed decision. The information will be able to help the prospects in deciding on whether to participate or not. In the stage of consideration, provide an individual report about some factors, which the company usually considers in finding a supplier. Once the prospects are able to reach the stage of preference, provide them with product information like product brochures or data sheets.

Demand generation consolidates the process of marketing and sales. The acquired data during a campaign will enable the sales force to organize an independent method that can be applied to every prospect that has already reached the stage of preference. At such point, you may ask the prospect if you could do a sales visit or even permit contact a sales representative. Sales due to demand generation campaign will further provide a foundation for enhancing sales conversion rates.

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