How the Cloud Is Changing Software Consulting

There are many benefits that cloud computing has presented business enterprises across the globe. Prominent among them is the ability to collaborate more effectively, including collaborating remotely. But, perhaps, less mentioned is the way cloud computing is changing the software consulting business. Websites of software consulting firms can show you the apparent shift in focus. These businesses have had to make a shift in the way they sell the software that business organizations use in their daily operations.

In recent years, multinationals like Microsoft and Google have been trying to sell online collaboration and document creation services. Google in particular is presently doing quite well in this. Its success has been said to be as a result of securing thousands of resellers as well as the increasing acceptance of cloud computing in the business community.

The future of software consulting is in the cloud

Given the trends in the marketplace for the last half a decade, it is not surprising that companies like Entrance Consulting, Cloud Sherpas and Appirio are banking on the growth of cloud computing to drive their sales and profits in the coming months and years. To make profit, these companies are now selling the different ways software can be used. The incredible success of Microsoft’s SharePoint is a testament to the changing face of software consulting. Many software consultants, sharepoint consultants included, have introduced SharePoint portal development in the cloud as one of their business software solutions.

Through the cloud, it is now possible to deploy and update software seamlessly and in far less time than it was initially possible. This is because cloud systems have a central control point. Just changing a single feature from your machine, like patching a security flaw, everyone who is logged in will enjoy the improved security in an instant.

Crowdsourcing programmers and designers

Through the cloud, software consulting firms are also seeking to change the way consultants and programmers approach their work. Some of these companies have built crowdsourced methods of writing the software that businesses use. Through these methods, companies can now submit programming “challenges” and reward with cash those programmers who come up with the most innovative and effective solutions to the challenges presented.

These challenges are open to programmers from many different countries and can give you a chance to get the best custom software for your business. The same approach can, and is being used to source designers. The company that has submitted the challenge looks through all the submissions but only pays for the top two it prefers the most.

These new approaches can give you an idea of just how drastic collaboration has changed with cloud computing. Not only are companies ending up with better custom-made business software, they are also spending less.

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